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The pen scratched at the page as Linos wrote, glancing over at his notes and open textbooks splayed neatly to his left on his desk. He finished the page and set the pen back into the ink well, blowing softly on the still wet letters to help them dry. The sharp, flowery aroma of thistle ink mixed with the earthy tones of the tea still steeping at the top of his desk, filling the room with a curious but natural scent.
He lifted the mug to his nose and drew a deep breath, letting his stress melt away, then took a quick sip. As he moved to set it back down, his elbow bumped something off the edge of his desk. Books fell and crashed, thumping on the wood floor with dull thuds, along with another distinct sound. A small wooden box bounced across the room, stopping just by the foot of Linos’ bed. Groaning, he picked up the books and set them back on the desk where they were.
Turning to face the little box, he sighed. It had been months since he’d even thought about it. His eyes wandered around the room as images of his sister flickered in his mind. The bookshelf in the far corner, his cluttered work desk, the bed under the window, the room that was nearly too small to be a bedroom. Four years ago, all of this had belonged to her, and now it belonged to him.
When she died, everything she owned had been left to him in her will. Their parents had passed away a little more than a year before, leaving him as her only immediate family member. They hadn’t been all that close, even when they were young, which only made living here even more strange to him. The whole house had been hers, and while his name was now on the deed, in his mind it still belonged to her.  So, Linos let his housemate and childhood friend, Grey, have her bedroom. Instead, he took Noelle’s old office as his own.
Despite owning the house for nearly four years, they had only moved in a year ago. Originally he had no intention of using the house, or even coming to the Sygna sector. Linos had ambitions of becoming a medical pneumologist, or more commonly known as a soul doctor. Oriceph had the best educational guilds in all of Miria, a few specialized medical guilds had caught his eye when he started looking, and Sygna’s was not one of them.
Along with everything else, the money Noelle had been saving gave Linos the option of going just about anywhere in Miria he wanted to. In-guild housing wasn’t expensive, and even after the typical four-year course for a medical degree, he would be able to get by. Selling Noelle’s house would ensure that stability, too. Grey had another idea for the house, however.
Grey was one of the few friends Linos had while growing up, and inarguable his closest. It had turned out that Grey had his eye on Sygna’s guild as an option to study law enforcement, and had come to Linos asking to use the house, so he wouldn’t have to work in order to afford in-guild housing. At first Linos said no, but after being pestered and guilted for weeks on end, decided to let his friend use the house. After that, Grey started trying to convince Linos to come with him to Sygna, as they had medical courses, too. Eventually Linos gave in.
When they arrived a year ago to get prepared to start their courses, the house was a mess. Three years without maintenance would do that, though. It took some time, but soon the house was back in order. Going through all of Noelle’s things brought back all kinds of memories of his sister. The brown jacket she’d wear on cooler days. A bottle of perfume their father had bought for her when she turned sixteen, barely used, but kept in her bedside table all this time. A leaf that had been pressed and framed from the tree that grew over their old house.
Many of her things were thrown out or donated to the guild, but Linos kept a few items. He found himself to be strangely curious about her life, now. This was another reason he had for coming to Sygna sector. She had been his last immediate relative, and he knew surprisingly very little about her life. All the answers to the questions he had were here.
Among the few items Linos kept was the small wooden box that was still sitting at foot of his bed. It had intrigued him when he first found it, sitting on the middle of her empty bed, covered in dust. It had apparently been left there by her coworker and close friend, Bria. For the first few weeks he tried tinkering with it, but it wouldn’t open, and whatever was held inside of it remained that way. The hounding curiosity that came with finding the strange box soon faded as his classes picked up, and before long it became forgotten.
Sipping his tea, he walked over to the box, staring down at it with abhorrence. Curiosity nipped at his mind with the question of what could be inside of it. What would you put inside a box that can’t be opened? He wondered. Shaking his head, he picked up the box, and set it on his book shelf. Remembering how futile his efforts had been before stopped his curiosity from growing, turning it into annoyance.
He turned his back to the bookshelf, and made his way over to his desk. Though he tried to get back into his studies, thoughts of his sister and the box danced in his mind, distracting him. Groaning, he took his tea and left the room, shutting the door behind him. The sound of the front door closing echoed through the empty house, as Linos left to take a walk, leaving the enigmatic box on the bookshelf to slip from his mind and become forgotten, once again.

A tapping foot clicked off the hardwood flooring by the front door. From where Linos was standing, he could see the clock hanging over the wood stove in the kitchen. He tapped his foot quicker, crossing his arm. A door slammed shut, and seconds later, Grey rounded the corner and took the steps down two at a time. Quickly, he slid on his shoes, the laces having not been untied since he last took them off.
“How do I look?” Grey asked with a smile as he stood up.
Linos looked him up an down. Honestly, he looked as if he’d just rolled out of bed. His short, dark hair stuck out in different directions, and the plain shirt that clung to his muscular frame had obvious wrinkles. It was white, too, and Linos knew he’d find a way to ruin the shirt before the end of the day.
“You look fine, let’s go.” Linos said, turning towards the door.
“Oh!” Grey bolted back up the stairs, “Hold on, I forgot something.”
He sighed, letting his hand slip from the doorknob to his side. Turning towards the mirror on the wall, to his left, he gave himself one last look over. A simple light dress shirt and black vest accentuated his slender physique, pristine, and free of creases or stains. As he smoothed the vest across his chest, enjoying how professional he seemed to look in the mirror, a smile found its way across his lips.
“Done checking yourself out?” Grey mocked as he climbed down the stairs.
Linos scowled as Grey laughed, swinging his bag over his shoulder. Leaving the house, they made their way across the island. Houses lined the cobblestone street that ran down the centre. A few trees grew along the edges, their canopies arching overhead. Looking up, Linos noticed tinges of red on the soft green leaves. It would be autumn, soon. As they reached the edge of the island which faced towards the guild, they spread their wings, diving off the edge into the open sky.
Wind ripped past Linos’ ears as he fell, but quickly levelled out into a smooth glide. Together, he and Grey made their way towards the guild. Morning sun illuminated the cloudscape from the east, causing the towering clouds that reached high into the sky to cast long shadows across the rolling wall of misty clouds bellow, their soft edges illuminated with golden light. They curved around the massive clouds, winding their way through the sky. Small islands dotted with houses appeared from and disappeared behind their white, shifting forms, all around them.
Soon the guild hall came into view as they rounded another towering cloud. The island it was built upon was bigger than any of the other islands in the reef. Each of its different, interconnected complexes had distinct cube-like forms. The reddish, earthy stone that made up its walls had turned a deep maroon in the sunlight. As they circled around towards the upper courtyard, the light glinted off the many windows, flickering across them like a wave.
The courtyard atop the central wing was marked by a tall clock in its centre, and the stark-white stones, placed in swirling patterns, the decorated the floor of it. Even from up where they were, Linos could see that the large courtyard was already full of people. Circling the upper courtyard, they slowed down to an appropriate speed, and landed. The clock indicated they still had some time left before classes began, thankfully.
“We made it!” Grey smiled.
“I was ready long before you,” Linos crossed his arms, “so you’re just lucky I even wait for you.”
Grey waved his hand dismissively, turning the gesture into a wave goodbye as he headed off to his class. The guild had a few different wings, dividing the areas of focus up among them. Because of this, their classes were in two different ends of the guild. Grey studied in the social economics wing on the north end, while Linos studied in the medical wing on the south-west end. He turned to head off to his own classes, but found a familiar face standing right behind him.
“Good morning, Linos.” Bria said cheerfully.
“Ah, Bria.” He nodded, “Hello.”
A touch of anxiety gripped Linos, but he tried to swallow it down. Bria was one of Noelle’s friends, and a former coworker. They had been on the same dive team together. She had been there for her funeral ceremony, along with a few of her other friends, and even the dean of the guild. Bria was a fair bit shorter than he was, with shoulder length blond hair, and brown eyes. She reminded him of Noelle, which always caused his heart to sink when he saw her.
“How are you?” She asked, smiling warmly.
“I’m alright.” He looked away, “Did you just return from a dive?”
“Yes, last night.” She said, “We found a new vein of pneumarium to the north, near the verge. It looks promising.”
“Good to hear.” Linos forced a smile, “I should head to class now, Bria. It was nice seeing you.”
She smiled, giving a short wave as he headed off to class. He had no doubt in his mind that she knew how seeing her made him feel. Still, he liked talking to her a little bit, and she probably knew that, too. Noelle had worked at the Sygna guild as a diver for almost five years, and in only a year she made captain of her team. This didn’t surprise him, she’d always been strong willed and responsible from a young age.
Many people here had known her, and all had the same thing to say about her. She was an excellent captain, and a true role model. This only left him wanting more, though. He wished he could have seen her in her prime, here. At home she was quite, solemn, and impossible to read. She’d found her niche here, and bloomed into who she was meant to be, only to have it taken away from her in that fatal accident, four years ago.
He opened the door to classroom, leaving his curiosity in the hallway, in exchange for different ones, and settled into his seat in one of the middle rows. He opened his notebook, set his inkwell and pen in the corner of the desk, and eased into the chair, hoping today’s lesson would be an interesting one.

“… Like the contact points of the soul circuit,” the professor said, “energy can be drawn out from almost any point. Now, depending on where you draw from can dramatically increase the natural healing process of the-”
The sound of the hour-mark bell sounded, signalling the end of the class for the afternoon.
“Ah, well, there’s more in the textbooks. Chapter six!” Professor Ezin wrapped up his lecture, “Don’t forget there’s a test tomorrow, I expect you all to do well.”
The room quickly burst with chatter and the rustling of paper as everyone packed up their notes. Linos finished his writing down what he needed and closed his note book, packing it away in his bag. Before getting up, though, Linos waited. He watched, smirking, as the class’s attempt to leave the room all at once got bottlenecked at the door. Once it was clear, Linos took his leave.
“Mr. Stari,” Professor Ezin called out before he could reach the door, “do you have a moment?”
“Of course.”  Linos walked over to the professor’s desk, “Is something wrong?”
“Not at all,” He smiled, “I actually have a favour to ask of you.”
“We’re in need of some tutors right now, and this is a pretty rough time of year, what with year-end exams coming soon.” He explained, “You’re doing excellently in my classes, and you’ve got a good grasp on the curriculum. Would you consider helping one of the students in need of a tutor?”
“Professor…” he shook his head, “You know how I feel about this, I told you last time. I’d like to focus on my studies, I don’t have time hold the other student’s hands.”
“I’m aware of your stance on this, Linos, but keep in mind you get extra marks for tutoring students in need.”
Not that I really need the extra marks… He sighed, rubbing his forehead.
“Look,” The professor said, resting a hand on Linos’ shoulder, “there’s one student in particular who could use your help. Her grades have been slipping a bit since we started the most recent segment. I’ve tried what to do what I can, but I feel like she needs a different view on it, one different from mine. I think you’re the guy for the job. What do you say?”
A girl?
He hesitated for a moment, “… Fine.”
“Thank you,” He smiled, letting out a sigh of relief, “come back here at the end of the day, and I’ll introduce you two.”

The windows in the hallway across from professor Ezin’s class looked out into the western skies, letting light pour in as the sun crawled towards the horizon. Drops of water clung to the glass, a sign that the clouds that had moved in brought some shower with them over lunch. The late afternoon light pierced the gaps between them, creating golden pillars that reached down to the clouds bellow. Linos leaned against the glass, watching the clouds roll by, waiting for the professor’s class to finish up.
Shifting his weight, he turned to look at the classroom door. Earlier in the year, professor Ezin had asking him to sign up to be a tutor in his student assistance program. If you were in need of academic support, you could sign up for a tutor. Other students could also sign up to be tutors, and receive extra credit for their time. Having maintained one of the highest grades in his class, he felt no need to participate in it.
For whatever reason, he’d chosen not to tell Grey at lunch that he’d finally given in to the professor’s request. He knew exactly what he would have said to him; Grey would laugh, and ask if it was because of a girl. Linos felt heat flash across his face, and his heart skip a beat. He shot back around, hiding his no doubt blushing face from the empty hallway.
Taking a deep breath, he relaxed. A shadow overtook the hallway as the clouds shifted, blocking the light. Rain began spattering against the glass, and the sound of the soft clicks of the droplets on the window became like white noise in Linos’ ears. The class would be over, soon.
The classroom door opened behind him, the sound of various, overlapping conversations flooded the previously silent hallway. His heart began racing a little bit as the students parted ways, right before him, heading off in each direction down the hall. Then, only the professor, and one last student remained.
She stood, eying him cautiously, but not shyly. Her sharp, green eyes pierced his, contrasting against her modest frame. He could almost feel her gaze digging into him, she was studying him. Linos knew the look well, as he’d seen it before. It was reluctance, naivety, and embarrassment. But it was also eagerness, curiosity, and the desire to push forward. It was the look that Noelle had mastered so well, and the reason she’d been so strong. Linos smirked, ever so slightly.
“Linos,” professor Ezin smiled, “thank you again.”
“This is the student?” He asked.
“Her name is Reva Capella.” He explained, “I’m sure she’ll bring you up to speed with what she needs help with.”
Reva stepped forward, reaching out with one hand, and brushing some of the hair that framed her face behind her ear. Linos shook her hand, and then, as if it had been unexpected, she smiled. It took him a moment to smile back, and he didn’t doubt it seemed forced.
“It’s very nice to meet you, Linos Stari.” Reva said.
The Vault of Paradigms: Chapter 1
another rough, the chapter 1. Unedited, and mind the syntax. Still rough-ish

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Noelle scanned the clouds bellow as she soared through the skies. Behind, her team of six others kept close by, the group flying in a V formation. Beneath them a wall of thick, grey clouds swirled and shifted. The beginnings of thunderheads rose up slowly, growing bigger as they drifted along. Chunks of rock floated in place in some spots, held there by strange, but natural forces. Soon, Noelle found what she was looking for; a rocky spire that was just barely piercing the top of the wall of clouds bellow.
Gesturing towards it, she tilted her wings, and turned towards the island. They circled it a few times, dropping in altitude and decreasing in speed before landing softly on the rocky shelves of the peak. The gravely ground crunched underfoot as one by one they touched down. The small island was almost completely barren. A bit of grass grew beneath some gnarled, twisted, tress, but most of it was rock and dirt.
The group waited silently as Noelle pulled something from the pocket of her jacket, a pendant, which she let hang from her hand. It twirled and swung back and forth until coming to a stop. The pendant hung at an angle, pointing vaguely into the cloudy depths, drawn by the magnetic forces of the precious metals and ores deep below. She nodded towards the team and they began setting up.
From the bags strapped tightly to their backs, between their wings, they produced long metal prongs, small machines, wires, and what looked like lanterns. Quickly, the team assembled it all into sets of tripods with the little lanterns hanging off the sides. It took only about an hour before everything was ready, and by this time Noelle had discerned exactly there the pendant was pointing.
“We’re ready, captain.” Said one of them.
“Good.” She pocketed the pendant, “Bria, begin.”
One of the girls nodded and approached the largest of the tripods. She rolled up her sleeve, revealing her left arm and hand to be made of metal. She took one of the wires hanging from the machine and inserted the plug on the end of it into a hole on the inside of her forearm. She flinched at first, but was fine. The machine began to hum, and the lanterns started to glow. Bria gave a short nod to Noelle, who gave the go ahead to the next person.
Two of the stronger looking men picked up a heavy looking prong of metal, which was connected to the main tripod by a very thick cord. Together they hurled the prong into the clouds just bellow them, like a spear. The cord whined and unraveled quickly as the prong headed deeper down, gaining speed.
There was a single, heavy metallic sound somewhere down bellow. One of them gave the cord a strong tug to make sure it was pulled taught. He gave a nod to Noelle. She looked back to Bria, who understood the next step. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The humming of the machine she was connected to increased. Shortly after, the clouds around the cord leading down to the prong began to dissipate, creating a hole.
“Aster.” Noelle said, turning to face of the girls in the group, “I understand this is your first dive?”
“Yes, captain.” Aster replied.
“Are you nervous?” Noelle asked.
“Yes, captain…” She replied, looking down.
“Follow me in first, and stay close. You’ll be fine.” She said calmly.
Noelle took one of the lanterns in one hand, and one by one, so did the rest of the team. Having done this many times before, she did not hesitate, and threw herself off the cliff face into the hole in the clouds. Wind ripped passed her ears as she fell towards the ground, but stayed close to the cord the lantern was connected to.  As she neared the end of her descent, she spread her wings, and glided down towards the bottom.
One after another, they landed. The group of seven of them stood near the spear, surrounded by thick clouds, churning continuously like a bubble around the spear. One of them had brought with them a long rod, with a single lantern fixed to the top of it. Using a a long cord, wound around the middle of the rod, to the spear. The top of it began to glow, and the bubble of clouds around them pulled away a little bit further.
“I shouldn’t have to remind all of you about this,” Noelle explained, double checking the equipment, “but stay away from the aether cloud. We’re not going to be hazing our newbie this time, got it?”
“You’re no fun, boss.” One of the men laughed, though he understood.
Without another word, Noelle gave the go-ahead signal. Everyone moved in close together, with the staff bearer in the middle. Noelle let Aster manage the lantern rod, so she would feel safe. Everyone else knew the procedures well enough to stay safe. Carefully, she led them away from where the spear had landed, and down the slopes away from the island up above.
The surface was rocky, and hard to traverse quickly. Thin pieces of shale slipped underfoot, threatening a sprained ankle to the clumsy. Their destination was marked by the pendant Noelle was now, once again, using to divine the position or their treasure. Rare minerals and ores attracted the pendant with natural magnetic forces, leading them towards it. The demand was always high for metals, almost as high as the risk of coming down to the Dim to look for them.
Nearly three hours had passed since coming down. Three hours of careful stepping, climbing up and down cliff faces, and navigating around the huge spires of would-be islands that couldn’t pierce the cloud layer above. Eventually they found what the pendant was leading them towards, as it dropped lose from her hand, no longer being tugged any which way. The vein of metal was right under them, and now all they needed to do was find out if it touched the surface, and which metal it was.
The group moved together, carefully scouring the ground. It wasn’t long before someone called out the peak of the vein, and they all moved towards it to determine the type of metal. Noelle took samples, etching flakes of it off, and tested them in vials of chemical solutions from her side bag. Aster watched over her shoulder, but the rest of the group blocked her vision, as she was stuck with the lantern rod. Her eyes wandered, watching the swirling aether all around them, menacingly forced to keep its distance by the lantern. She imagined it like a feral beast, kept at bay by the magic of the rod, and Bria’s will, up above.
“You alright?” Noelle asked.
Aster jumped, her wandering mind snapped back to reality. “You startled me!”
“Sorry.” Noelle said, “What’s on your mind?”
“I’m alright, I just…”
“You can tell me.”
“I can’t stop thinking about the stories…” She explained, her face turning a bright red, “I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it. There aren’t really monsters down here, right?”
“I’ve never seen anything.” Noelle said, “I don’t think anything could even live down here. Nothing grows, and we can’t even touch the aether clouds.”
“I guess so…” Aster sighed, “What happens when someone touches them?”
She hesitated, her eyes fixated on the aether clouds surrounding them, “… I don’t actually know.”
“Captain, I… found something over here.” One of the men called out.
Curious, Noelle lead Aster over to where a few members were all crouched around something. They moved aside as she approached, revealing a little wooden box laying on its side all by itself. She stopped mid-step for a moment, then moved to approach it. It was small, just barely big enough that she couldn’t hold it in one hand. The wood it was made of was dark, and reddish. Metal lined its edges, and an inlaid ring of metal adorned the top. It had a distinct look to it, one which she’d never seen before.
“What is it?” Someone asked.
“I have no idea.”
She tried to open it, but couldn’t There didn’t seem to be any hinges or latches. It made no sound when she shook it, either.  The box had her completely dumbfounded, until it made a single click sound. She hadn’t done a thing, but something inside started to move. Carefully she watched as the metal inlaid ring rose up from the wood, and the centre circle opened up to reveal some kind of crystal inside of it. Nothing seemed to be happening, though.
“I guess it’s just some kind of container?” She guessed, turning towards her crew.
Something was wrong, Noelle could feel it immediately. Everyone was looking towards Aster, who had fallen to her knees. Her eyes were wide, staring off into the distance. Her body shook every couple of seconds, but not violently. A few people were trying to talk to her, to make sure she was okay, but she wasn’t responding. Did she touch the aether? Noelle wondered, but knew that couldn’t be possible, as she’d been with the aether rod the whole time.
“Aster, what’s wr-“ Noelle called out to her.
“It’s… it’s in my head.” She whimpered, tears beginning to stream down her face.
Before Noelle could speak. A wave of energy pulsed out from the box, knocking her back as it fell to the ground. As she regained her composure, pulling herself up from the ground, Noelle noticed something strange. Wisps of aether were churning inwards towards the box, completely unaffected by the negation lantern. They had to leave, and quickly.
“Everyone, we have to go, now!’ She screamed.
The group erupted into movement, gathering their things, picking up the still entranced Aster, and the lantern rod. They didn’t make it more than ten steps away from the maelstrom of aether before a horrible thud shook the ground behind them. Noelle turned to see what had made the noise, only to be petrified by fear and disbelief. Standing over the strange little box was a twelve foot mess of claws and limbs, headed by a long muzzle bearing what had to be hundreds of sharp teeth.
Within seconds, the monstrous beast began tearing through Noelle’s crew. Bodies were grabbed and tossed into the aether, while others were instantly killed, crushed underfoot by the beast. Aster, still entranced, was picked up by the beast in one of its great fists. Noelle turned away, unable to face what she knew was coming next, but the sound of crunching bone couldn’t be ignored.
Grabbing the negation rod, Noelle did the only thing she could do, and began to run. If any one of her crew members were still alive, they would be swallowed by aether, now. There was no helping it, it was all she could do. As she ran, the thunderous bounds of the beast resounded behind her. She knew it was chasing her, but all she could do was run.
Then, she felt the sudden powerful grip of the beast’s hands around her ankle behind her, instantly crushing the bone. Before she could even scream out of pain, she was tossed through the air, back the way she came. She landed on something hard, with shard edges, which immediately dug into her back. The pain was so much, she couldn’t even scream. Her back was most likely broken. Trying to move, she managed to get off of whatever she’d fallen on, finding the box underneath her.
It had done something to Aster, no doubt, and also created the monster. If she had more time, and the pain wasn’t killing her, she might have been able to figure out what was going on, but in no time at all the monster was upon her. It snarled, prowling over her. She couldn’t run, or scream, and everyone else was undoubtably dead.
Still able to use her arms, she reached for the lantern rod in a desperate attempt to protect herself. The beast snatched it out of her hands, and tossed it aside. Then, the aether surrounded them. It touched her skin, and filled her lungs. At first it tingled, and the pain disappeared, until it began to touch her mind.
“You killed us.”
“This is your fault, Noelle.”
“We hate you.”
“No…” She gasped.
Her crew stepped forward from the mist, their eyes hollow and vacant. Each of them drew swords from their belts, and plunged them deep into her body. She felt the pain of each one, and what she knew to be the pain of each of their deaths. She felt their fear, and their sadness. But worst of all, she felt their disappointment.
“You failed us, captain.” They all said in unison.
Then, as if the beast were granting her wish, it brought its lumbering fist down upon her.
The Vault of Paradigms: Prologue
The prologue to the book i've been planning FOREVER. First time posting any of it on DA, though.

Sorry for any syntactical errors in the lines. I just kinda copy-pasted it here. Anyways, if you read it, I hope you enjoy it. Also it's mostly unedited.
Eta and Zana (WIP) by Linos-Stari
Eta and Zana (WIP)
A little somethin' somethin' I'm working on for a commission, hopefully you'll see these cuties around the GTA for Akiba Kissa manga cafe! :D


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